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What we do

NUVOLA is an innovative trading and consulting company with a huge product line that covers Marine Equipment, Thermal Insulating Material, Green Energy, and other products, and consulting services. Our headquarter is in China.

Since the companys set up in 2006, NUVOLA has worked to offer its customers a diversified selection of products and business consultation. Our dynamic product range, combined with customized in-plant business services, is aimed at helping customers continually achieve higher quality standards and improve their operating efficiencies at lower total costs. we also welcome customers designs and ideas, and can cater to clients specific requirements.

NUVOLAs mission is to provide innovative solutions to customer needs utilizing our global resources.

NUVOLA is committed to:

Customer Satisfaction
Reliability, Quality and Service
Environmental Awareness


Profitable Growth
Employee Development
Partnerships with Suppliers

Our approach

NUVOLA has established business cooperation relationship and strategic partnership with numerous support factories  in various localities of China, investing in some outstanding enterprises. Our team of business professionals, product specialists helps us refine existing products and create new materials to meet changing customer needs. This effort is supported by strategic alliances with our suppliers. We have complete service chain:

  • Set up an international & professional business team 
  • Have excellent product specialists
  • Establishing a Strong Quality Management System
  • Establishing a Supplier Selection system
  • Build own factory or brand
  • Good ability to integrate resources 

Where we operate


  Hong Kong,China


Our brand  


Our own factory & warehouse

We have established several factories in order to provide better solutions for our customers.
Wholly-owned factory
Pipe section insulation factory

Mainly produces insulpipe® high-quality glasswool pipe insulation and rockwool pipe insulation.(Web:
Insulation facing factory
Mainly produces insulfix® laminated Insulation Facings, such as FSK, and others Insulation Facings.
2.Joint venture factory
Marine anchor factory

Since the price of raw material fluctuated oftenly,we set up our own warehouse to stock in low level of cost,this will help us to offer our customers a stable product.
n Glass Wool warehouse
n Anchor chain




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